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Related post: Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 pthc bbs nude pedo 19:30:24 -0700 (PDT) From: Mike Cox Subject: Revelation StoryJust a short description of me before I begin: I am married and for all of my 45 years I have been index of pics pthc tolerant of homosexuality and lesbianism but never agreed with the concept. I actually was more than pthc 12yo vicky tolerant because a friend of mine is, if not homosexual, he is bisexual. We would go out with a group from work and would typically end up talking more to each other than anybody else in our pthc bbs group. My reasoning was I genuinely enjoyed our conversation. Often our conversations, as profile yahoo pthc with most conversations given enough lesbian pthc time, would turn toward sex. Usually I was the one who steered the conversation to sex mainly because of my frustration with my sex life at home.On one particular night I was more frustrated than usual. It had been pthc working over a month since my wife and I had made love. 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As I would soon find out he was just thinking about his next move. The words out of his mouth were quite simple, and quite effective."Come on, let's go to my place."He got up without looking and headed for the door. As I was wondering what I should do I realized I had already gotten off my bar stool and I was closely following him. When we were outside Daniel pthc links tpg bbs told me to follow him home, got in his car guide bbs pthc and patiently waited for me to go, without hesitation I might add, to my car. I followed him to his house.After I pulled into his driveway it was only then that I board3 cgiworld pthc became somewhat nervous. Daniel opened my door for me; more pthc manga proibida I think to keep me from changing my mind than trying to be a gentleman. He opened the front door to his house and led me into a beautifully kept home. Nothing under virgins pthc was out of place. It was the best pthc pussy fuck kept home I had ever illegal pthc free movies been in. Without a kiddies pthc bbs word he took my hand and led me up a staircase to the second floor and into an even more beautiful bedroom. He had a four poster pthc bigp bed, the décor was what I would consider pthc filipina neutral, not feminine, but definitely not masculine. He turned gay teen illegal pthc on a light that was dimmed down to allow enough light to see but was not at all harsh.As I stood at his bedroom door he sat on the edge of his bed and looked at me. "If you want to leave its okay.""I pthc deutsch don't think I can."He stood up and, while watching me, began to slowly strip off his clothes. I couldn't not watch, and the more clothes he removed the more excited I became. Daniel was chil lover pthc not a body builder but he was slim, and handsome. Did I say he was handsome before? Well, he is. When he finally was down ranchi pthc ranchi pthc to his underwear he stopped. I could see a nice bulge between his legs and I didn't realize I was staring until he asked if I was going to join him. Without waiting for a reply he walked over to whiteslave pthc me and began to undress me. pthc pics where My immediate thought was "when was the last time someone undressed me?!" I didn't put up any resistance and had no hesitation. I just stood there as he began to disrobe me, I helped when needed until I was down to my underwear as well.I was as hard as I had been in free ptsc pthc years I am quite sure. As he hooked his thumbs pthc bbs websites in my waistband all I could think about was "what is gay sex like?" It wasn't in a bad way, I was so pthc blowjob excited and wanting what was about to happen I was almost in shock. His hands slowly slid my underwear down. As my cock finally cgi boards pthc sprang free I felt a little light headed. Had I drank too much? My heart was racing as I stepped out of my last piece of clothing and stood there naked, and horny!"Very nice" Daniel stated.Without a word I hooked my thumbs in his waistband and helped him out of his last stitch of clothing as well. Instead of just letting his underwear drop to the floor I knelt in front of him and pushed them to the floor. I watched as he stepped out of guestbook pthc cgi them and then I looked up. Right at eye level was his, what I now and will always consider, beautiful cock. He was rock hard as well and I took my time looking it over. I hadn't touched it yet but I was definitely enjoying the view. I looked up and realized he was contentedly pthc cp pay sites watching me check him littlegirl pthc free out."You seem to be handling it okay.""What do you mean?" I replied."Well I didn't think you would be able to handle seeing another man's hard cock. I was wrong. Although I still ain't sure about your other claims."For a second I didn't know what he was talking about but then I remembered my comment about sucking that gorgeous woman's cock. My look of puzzlement changed to a grin as I leaned in with no trepidation and kissed his cock. As I did, the pthc teen girls nude pthc forum sex soft touch of my lips made his cock jump, grazing the tip of no nude pthc my nose. I can't explain exactly why but his reaction flipped a switch in me and I simply had to shark pthc have his cock in my mouth. I reached out and grabbed the base of his cock and guided him into my mouth. So many thoughts as I tasted a cock for the first time. He had pre-cum oozing from his slit and I couldn't believe that I was not disgusted by it, I tasted it and although I was anticipating something not pleasant my pthc snuff senses were delighted by the sweet taste. I tried to coax more of it out by pthc lustbare licking his slit, and though I could continue to taste a hint of it my appetite was not being appeased. Even real pthc archive so I could tell Daniel was getting young pthc clips more and more turned on.He guided me over to the bed and when we were both sitting facing each other I surprised myself by pushing him onto his back so I could continue where we had just left off. With a slight look of surprise he leaned back and let me go down on him again. The feel of his hard cock in my mouth, the smooth warmth of him on my tongue was such a new and fulfilling experience I couldn't ever imagine not wanting him right there all the time. I had never sucked a cock before and worried I would be bad at it until I quickly realized "Hey I have one of these and I know what feels good so I KNOW I am a great cock sucker!" Thinking back, I should have laughed at myself for saying I was a great cock sucker. Wasn't that always one of the worst insults you could call a guy? Now I am proud to say it and Daniel tells me all the time.So here I was, sucking cock for the first time. Not intimidated, not scared, no inhibitions. Why had I waited so long! bbs i imageboard pthc Looking back the signs were there all along and Daniel would confirm later he knew I was "closet." When I watched porn, and I did a little too much, 15 pthc I always loved the blow job scenes. I pthc vicky girlscout would masturbate to them and nine times out of ten my orgasms occurred not while a guy was pounding away at a pussy. No, pthc girl link I loved the blowjob pthc ftp scenes, the cocks sliding in and pthc young child out of a mouth. Oh, and the cum shots! I loved seeing the guy pull out of their mouth and jack off on their faces and shoot into an open mouth, the cum on their face, watching it slide onto their throat and chest. It wasn't the women at bbs pthc mag all. Those beautiful cocks shooting cum, that was what I always got horny watching. I wanted it for me now.I started concentrating on sucking his cock. I wanted him to cum and I was wishing silently for him to be one of those guys who seemed to cum forever. I wanted cum in my mouth, on my face, all over me. I was lost in my thoughts until I could feel his cock begin to swell pthc image board bbs even more. He told me he was going to cum and I pretenn nude pthc just nn pthc moaned encouragement to him. That sent him over the top and the first spasm of cum jetted to the back of my throat! I was so happy! I pulled his cock out and continued jacking him off and stream after stream of cum began to cover my face. When I had enough on my face I put his cock back in my mouth and took the last couple of spasms on my tongue. Daniel was moaning and saying how "fucking fantastic" sven storyboard pthc I was as I gently licked and sucked up any come I pthc pic vid could get off of his gorgeous cock.When I finished cleaning pthc pedo gallery him I reluctantly pulled my head away from his cock and he looked at me and smiled at me like no one ever had. He didn't comment about all the cum on me but as I lay beside him he used his fingers to wipe the cum from my face and feed it to me as he talked about how great I was."I can't believe that was the first time for you. That was one of if not the best blowjobs I have ever had.""Well, I have watched a lot of video and I know what I like. But I think the difference is I pthc gallery bbs REALLY liked the feel of you in my mouth.""I could tell!" Daniel exclaimed before adding "So what do you want to do now?""Anything you think I might like..."Daniel smiled at my response and leaned into me to kiss my sticky lips. 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He slipped a finger in and dark video pthc I yelled "Oh yes!" He worked one and then two fingers in me as he little whores pthc gently nibbled and licked my cock and balls. I pthc hardcore toplist knew what was coming and could barely contain my desire."Daniel, please..." I started and paused.Daniel looked me in the eyes and held my ranchi gateway bbs pthc gaze "Please what?"There was silence as he stopped and waited for me to answer. It wasn't teasing but he appeared to be genuinely concerned that I may have pthc free top wanted him to stop what was going on. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact I wanted him to stop teasing me, at least that pthc bd what he seemed to be doing. I wanted him to fill spezial search search pthc me pthc german story up but I didn't know pthc creampie how to tell him."Please don't stop. I need to feel you inside me. It feels pthc boy pics so good. Please..."The look on his face was relief and his relief turned to desire. He spread my legs and applied another layer of lubricant on my ass and then on his hard cock. I pthc links was so hard with desire it was almost painful. Daniel was even more turned on by how much harder my cock had gotten just from me thinking of his cock in me. My whole reaction to his pthc niece seduction was beyond what he imagined and he was extremely turned on by the entire scene unfolding.His foreplay had me ready and though he was taking my virginity, going where sven pthc gateway nothing had ever entered before, the pain was only slight. Once his cock was in pthc 13 galleries me I leaned back and concentrated on what was going on. His beautiful hard cock was inside. I could feel the heat of him and the sensation of him sliding nude girl pthc into me was indescribable. Never before had I been so excited, so hard, desired anything more than at that moment. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to make him cum and dorki pthc sporty asses feel his orgasm deep inside. What was happening to me?!Daniel was so very turned on, he was breathing fast and moaning with each pleasure filled plunge into my virgin hole. Surprisingly, he was quickly reaching his second orgasm. I could feel him grow harder and seemingly larger as he continued thrusting into me. He was starting to go faster and deeper, pain was beginning to join pleasure but I didn't want any of it to stop."I'm gonna cum!" Daniel exclaimed."Give it to me, don't stop. pthc video paysite Fuck me, fuck me..." I pleaded.With his deepest stroke he plunged into me and elwebs,pthc held his spasming cock inside. I felt each contraction as his sperm filled pthc teens me up. pthc nude pic I wrapped my legs around him and held him so real pthc video he couldn't get away. The feel of his warm body on me as his hard cock slowly became soft and then gently slid out of me was and still is what keeps me coming back to his bed. The feel of his cum as it oozed oliona pthc from my ass is second only to being filled up by pthc of 16 years his hard cock. The whole experience was beyond my wildest imagination and easily better than any encounter pthc vombat I had ever had with a woman. I am sure there is a woman out pthc bbs girls there who could compete with Daniel in providing y o thumbnail pthc sexual pleasure, but honestly, I have come to imgboard guestbook pthc the conclusion that if you don't have a pthc yo avi cock you aren't going to fully satisfy me. Cocks are beautiful and what they can do is beyond compare. I am still married but I haven't had sex with my wife in three alicia julia pthc nn teens pthc years. She doesn't seem to mind and she lets me go "play golf" whenever I want. Of course there is only one shaft and a couple of balls I am interested in. I hope Daniel never tires of my mouth or ass.
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